Trick of Silver by Jamie Craig

Calendar Boys: October

Amber Quill Allure

Amber Quill Press

Gay / Dark Fantasy / Werewolf

ISBN: 978-1-60272-386-3

Reviewed by Cassie



Argenti agent Darren Summers is irritated to be stuck dressed in drag at a Halloween party, but itís the only way to get close to his target.  He knows he has to kill werewolf Aden Richter, and he can put up with a bit of discomfort in order to get the job done.  When Darren gets close to the target and finds Aden dangerously attractive, he wonders if heís going to be able to complete his mission.

Aden Richter isnít keen on fancy parties, but heís determined to track down the werewolf whoís been using black magic and framing him for murder.  An Argenti agent is a distraction he doesnít need, especially when the woman turns out to be a sexy man.  Can Aden convince Darren to help him track down the killer before he strikes again?

Trick of Silver is a hot tale of werewolves, magic, and deception.  I liked tough, resourceful Darren, who rolled with the punches as his carefully constructed plan collapsed around him.  Bossy, arrogant Aden was a bit harder to get a handle on, but in the end I was rooting for him too.  I had to suspend disbelief when Darren and Aden made time for sex during what should have been a pretty tense time due to their circumstances.  I also thought Darren should have figured things out a bit sooner than he did regarding the villains.  Even so, Trick of Silver has werewolves, action, and lots of heat, making it an entertaining read. 


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