Touch of the Fire God by Toni L. Meilleur

Siren Publishing


ISBN: 1-60601-054-9

Reviewed by Lisa



Growing up an orphan with only an elderly gentleman overseeing her care turned Dr. Rene Selkis into an extremely quiet, private adult.  Rene specializes in poisons and insect bites, not exactly something that helps her social life one bit but Rene’s comfortable with her choices.

Once upon a time he was revered as a god but nowadays Ralabos is only interested in reconnecting with his reincarnated wife.  Ralabos’ beloved wife has been gone for many centuries but now her soul is back in the world and nothing will stop him from being with her again.

Rene travels to Egypt when she learns that her guardian has died and requested she return his body to the States.  Once there however, Rene begins to dream and learn about lovers from long ago who are now trying to reunite.  Either Rene has stumbled on a grand hoax with several ‘nutty’ people involved or she was once the consort of an all powerful god.  Rene has to figure out who she should believe.

Fascinating and unique, Touch of the Fire God is difficult to put down once you start!  This tale involves a setting in exotic Cairo, gods and goddesses from the past and a lonely soul trying to find her own little piece of happiness.  I enjoyed the steady buildup and pacing as well as the true romance found in Touch of the Fire God.  Solid characterization and an entertaining plot make Touch of the Fire God a very worthwhile read.


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