To Rub, Honor, and Obey

by Melinda Barron

Desires of the Lamp series, book 3

Resplendence Publishing


Reviewed by Ley



Moreen McGee’s future looked bleak, she made terrible mistakes in her past and has been trying to set her life on the straight and narrow ever since.  Working two jobs and performing her community service Moreen is just getting by.  When one of the kids of the youth home where she is serving community service pickpockets Aliya Baban, the very person Moreen blames for the disastrous path her life has taken, Moreen figures out a way to get the wallet back to Aliya without getting the kid in trouble and to not have to face Aliya again.  Moreen’s solution was to break into Aliya’s apartment and leave the wallet  there for her to find it. 

Once she broke into the apartment Moreen could not stop the feelings of jealousy that over took her at how well Aliya’s life was compared to hers.  Even though she gave up stealing Moreen took great satisfaction in taking an old oil lamp from Aliya’s apartment.  Moreen felt Aliya wouldn’t miss it and even if she did she wouldn’t know it was Moreen who took it.  Taking the lamp home Moreen finds her little theft may not go as undetected as she thought when Djinn Paran appears and tells her she belongs to him for the next 30 days.

I loved this story!  Moreen is the perfect heroine because she wasn’t perfect, but to Paran she was.  I really liked that she was a curvy full figured woman but it wasn’t the focal point of the story.  The story was about her believing in herself, accepting help and forgiving those who have wronged her.  I liked Paran from the previous books in this series, but I absolutely loved him in To Rub, Honor, and Obey.  I liked that Aliya and Matuse had a pretty significant presence in this story and they were very supportive of Paran and Moreen.  To Rub, Honor, and Obey is a very enjoyable story and followers of this series will absolutely adore it as much as I do.


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