Top Dog by Shara Bloodstone

Amber Quill Ė Allure

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-383-2

Reviewed by Lisa



Aussie hunk Michael Stewart is receiving great reviews for his performance on the Broadway stage.  Michael has dreams of making it big in the U.S. but knows that his hunk status would be totally ruined if it got out that heís gay.

At one of the many parties Michael is asked to attend so his name and picture gets out he meets Paula Zimmerman and her lover Victor Daly.  Paula is a comedy club owner and Victor is an entertainment lawyer.

A certain smile and eye contact tell Michael that Victor is interested in getting together but Michael canít risk detection and has to be very careful.  As it turns out Victor has his own reasons for discretion.  Both men burn to be together but it seems as though life conspires to pull them apart.  Choices verses desires, which will win out?

Secret lives and desires are the driving forces in the sensual tale of Top Dog.  The main characters, Michael and Victor have full, satisfying careers yet hid their deep needs in the dark and feared the light of discovery.  That fear of discovery against the sexual pleasure received is the force behind Top Dog.  I thoroughly enjoyed the vast sea of emotion and the choices made which kept me involved with both men.  Top Dog doesnít end with the traditional Happily Ever After but the characters are happy with their decisions.  It did seem as though author Shara Bloodstone left a door open for more from Michael and Victor in the future.


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