Tokyo Ink by Ann Vremont

Changeling Press

Gay / Futuristic / Sci-fi

ISBN:  978-1-60521-018-6

Reviewed by Cassie



As the head of security for the powerful Lyashii Corporation, Tetsu Hogosha is perfectly placed to send and receive coded messages for the secret revolution against corporate control.  Just after he’s decoded the message, temporarily tattooed on a beautiful male geisha called Youran, he spots one of Lyashii’s assassins coming up to the executive suite.  Determined to protect the code, he forces the dancer, whose real name is Gabriel, to flee with him. 

Tokyo Ink is an intriguing dystopian tale of a future in which powerful companies control everything, throwing people into prison or having them murdered for perceived infractions.  Clever, focused, and unhesitating in his desire to end corporate control, Tetsu is an interesting and sympathetic character.  Although we don’t get to see through Gabe’s eyes, he has his own reasons for wanting to change things.  He’s also damaged in many ways and seems to need Tetsu.  There is a lot of action, suspense, and violence in Tokyo Ink, making it not for the faint of heart, but the nonstop action kept me interested.  Those with an interest in dystopian stories, action, or Japanese characters should pick up Tokyo Ink


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