Wiseguys: To Have and To Hold

by Aaron Michaels

Torquere Press

Contemporary (M/M)

Reviewed by Sabella



Tony and Carter are happily making a life for themselves in the middle-of-nowhere Idaho running a deli, of all things.  When the town yokels decide to take exception to the whole gay marriage issue by breaking one of the deli’s windows Tony and Carter spend the day stewing individually about what it means to them as a couple and individually.  Will this bring them closer together?

Wiseguys: To Have and To Hold is a fun, sexy yet serious read that highlights how commitment can be arrived by many roads and its meaning changes from couple to couple.  Tony and Carter manage to arrive at their own beautiful definition of what marriage is between them and how they will live their lives without society’s stamp of approval.  As in previous snippets about Tony and Carter, these two are hot enough to melt your pant right off!  To Have and To Hold is an emotional and touching glimpse into Tony and Carter’s new life as a “settled” couple.


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