'Til Death Do We Part

by Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton

Cobblestone Press


ISBN:  978-1-60088-312-5

Reviewed by Ley



Erica’s life is about to be turned upside down, when the fiancé she thought was killed in the war returns home.  Erica is torn between her love for her ex fiancé and her love for her husband who was her fiancé’s best friend.

Coming home was not easy for Justin Blackwood.  Life has changed considerably in the twelve years he’s been gone.  The family he left behind was gone and finding Erica married to his best friend Clint left him wondering where he belongs.

Clint Michael’s shoulders are heavy, not just from the fear of losing his wife to the man she always loved but also from the secret he’s carrying around inside him. 

“Til Death Do We Part, is a highly emotional story of friendship, love and sacrifice.  Erica, Clint and Justin shared a special bond that was beautifully written about.  I shed a few tears reading this story and as much as I would have loved a different outcome the progression and ending of the story was fitting.  Readers looking for a story that will emotionally move them will really enjoy ‘Til Death Do We Part.


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