Tigress by the Tail by Teresa DíAmario

Dark Tarot, The Moon

Tease Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-934678-34-3

Reviewed by Jo



Cassie Felidae and a friend just wanted to have a tiny celebration and a couple of drinks at a bar one night  The next thing they know, they are both waking up in a room and soon find out they are to be sacrificed to the Dark Lord.  Cassie is a shifter and under their rules cannot reveal her secret to humans, which puts a major block in her plans to escape from this group of crazies.  To top it off, there is another man in the room that is affecting her somehow and she doesnít want him to be harmed.

Lance Maxey is a secret wizard on his first solo assignment for the Government  Control  for  Supernatural  Activities, which, according to his brothers, should have been a walk in the park.  No one expected tonight to be the night of a sacrificial ceremony or that one of the girls would fight for his release.   The first time Lance saw Cassie shift in rage and take control would change his life in many ways.  The first kiss between them would change both of their lives in even more ways. 

Cassie and Lance have a lot against their road to romance.  Cassie, in that Lance works for the government agency that she knows is out to destroy anything supernatural and, she has to figure out how to tell Lance just what he is to her.  Lance, in that Cassie is a shifter and he should report it to his bosses and, her father would like nothing more than to kill him.  When Cassie is kidnapped from Lance both of them are going to find out just how much they mean to the other and what risks they are willing to take in order to be together and stay that way.

Can you catch and keep a tigress by the tail?  In Tigress by the Tail Lance and Cassie learn just what it will take, after a single kiss.  Cassie is a tiger shifter who unexpectedly finds her True Mate, but he is human Ė or is he?  Lance is a wizard who, for some reason, can now do things he was never shown or taught.  But all is not going well for them, first Satanists want to kill them then they are under fire by his company.  I will never underestimate the power of a kiss again after seeing what it did to Cassie and Lance.  Being a romantic at heart, I have always believed that love can defeat anything.  This was definitely proven when Cassie and Lance had to fight a powerful agency in order to get their happily ever after.  I cheered when Lance and Cassie found their answers and saw that fate had really meant for them to be together always.  Tigress by the Tail is a fast-paced adventure that is both funny and heartbreaking in parts.  I canít think of anyone who enjoys a touch of the paranormal that would not want it in their e-library.  

Iím also going to put in my vote and hope that Ms. DíAmario will soon do books for Lanceís brothers. 


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