The Wrong Man by Bonnie Clarke

Whiskey Creek Press


ISBN: 978-1-59374-780-0

Reviewed by Ley



Cade Kildare is the one man Avila Rockwell swears she will never give in to.   Avia has known Cade practically all her life, now all grown up she’s finding it hard to resist the attraction she has to the man he has become.

Cade finds Avia to be the most exasperating and annoying woman he has ever known.  But as much as she drives him crazy he can’t deny how much he wants her.  Cade and Avila find a physical understanding between each other that was short lived when forces beyond their control tear them apart.

The Wrong Man is fantastic!  I really enjoyed this story.  The chemistry between Cade and Avia is strong and very passionate, if only their communication skills with each other were just as strong.  They were both characters I couldn’t help but like and because I liked them so much I felt their anguish right along with them.  Bonnie Clarke did a wonderful job with this story; she captivated me with the plot and moved me with the romance.  The Wrong Man was well worth reading and romance lovers will enjoy it immensely.


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