The Viscount in Her Bedroom

by Gayle Callen

Sisters of Willow Pond Trilogy, Book 3



ISBN-13: 978-0060784133

Reviewed by Tori



Louisa Shelby once lived a carefree life going to balls and wearing beautiful clothing.  When her father died and left her family penniless she had to find a way to support herself.  When she is offered a job as a companion to an elderly Viscountess, Louisa gladly accepts.  She does not count on the temptation that she finds at her new post.

Simon Wade was once the most eligible bachelor, but a riding accident left him blind and now he spends his time in his grandmotherís home.  When Louisa starts showing an interest in him he spurns the attention figuring it is just pity.  Is the beautiful ex-socialite really interested in helping or is the gossip about her true?  How can Simon keep her reputation from staining his frumpy younger sister?

The Viscount in Her Bedroom is a delightful read.  I love a pouty Hero that needs to get over himself, and he does get over it with a healthy kick upside the head by the lovely heroine.  Louisa is a good all around character that can come up with a well thought out solution to lifeís problems without feeling contrived or impulsive.  I definitely recommend this book to those that like to see the Heroine rescue the Hero now and then.


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