The Ultimate Kink by Cameron Dane

Loose Id

Erotic BDSM/ Suspense

ISBN: 9781596328310

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Canin Quinn and Kasey Jordan have worked together at Quinn Security for years.  Each has watched and desired the other.  When a case brings them together and forces them to work closely, Canin and Kasey do what any worthwhile investigative team does – they take their role seriously – including sex.  Posing as a married couple that has a new membership at a BDSM sex club, Canin and Kasey are trying to find a rapist preying on unsuspecting couples.  Kasey has her doubts, however, because unknown to Canin, she was a victim of a horrendous crime many years ago and it has shaped the sexual woman she has become. Kasey doesn’t think Canin will allow her the kink she has to use to be with a man and is resigned to that fact.  Canin, however, is nothing if not unpredictable. 

I liked how Cameron Dane has shown how previous experiences, both good and bad, shape a person’s psyche.  Kasey had been hurt before and was unable to allow a man to be near her in what she thinks is the ‘normal’ way.  Before she can fully let down her guard, she has to be in control.  I love how Canin gave her the control she needed.  He was devastatingly virile and adventurous and there was nothing about him I didn’t like.

The Ultimate Kink will leave you on your seat wanting more.  I found the BDSM content amazingly written with just enough spice to entice and make the reader yearn for more.  Graphic situations are used but needed in this highly erotic romantic suspense.  It was a great read!


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