The Trouble with Moonlight by Donna MacMeans

Berkley Sensation


ISBN:(10) 0425221989  (13) 978-0425221983

Reviewed by Amelia



Lusinda Havershaw has a unique ability. As a Nevidimi, she turns invisible in the moonlight. The fuller the moon, the longer she stays in that state. Lusinda uses her abilities as a recovery agent, taking back things that people have lost and want returned. It is while she is retrieving a ruby necklace that she comes into contact with James Locke, an agent for Her Majesty’s government.

James is working to retrieve a list of British agents before it can fall into the hands of the Russians. When he sees a ruby necklace floating through the room on it’s own he’s flabbergasted. He follows the necklace, which leads him to Lusinda’s house.

Once Locke figures out Lusinda’s identity, and her secret, he trains her in espionage, deciding she’s the best weapon a spy can have. What he doesn’t expect, though, is to lose his heart to this sometimes invisible woman.

The Trouble with Moonlight is a delightful Victorian romance that follows two people who are each held captive by something, Lusinda by her unique power, and Locke by his past. Watching the two of them learn about each other, and recognize their love, was a sweet venture.

Lusinda’s interactions with her aunt and two younger sisters added depth to the novel. Lovers of historical romance, who like a little danger mixed in, will enjoy The Trouble With Moonlight.


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