The Touch of Twilight by Vicki Pettersson


Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 978-0-06-08983-9

Reviewed by Chris



Known as Olivia Archer, Joanna is the Kairos, daughter of both the Light and the Shadow, a legendary creature who will tip the scales in Las Vegasís battle between good and evil. That she wears her dead sisterís face is something very few people know. In order to assume her identity, she had to give up Ben Traina, the love of her life. But some things are harder to sacrifice than othersÖ

Regan DuPree, a Shadow member, has discovered Joannaís greatest weakness, Ben, and exploits it mercilessly, prompting Joanna to engage in some very questionable behavior. But saving Ben isnít Joannaís only priority. A mysterious copycat creature known as a doppelganger is bent on killing Joanna and assuming her role in life. The Tulpa is terrified of it. The Zodiac Troop doesnít know how to defeat it. And Joanna is torn between protecting those she loved and those sheís learning to love.

Be warned. This paragraph contains a slight spoiler as I rant. So skip it if you donít want know. Why canít Joanna end up with Ben? Why must her life be impossibly difficult? Isnít there enough on her plate to advance the plot without tossing Ben out: the Tulpa, her new-ish position in the troop, Regan knowing her secret identity, the signs of the Zodiac coming to pass, etc? Why not off Warren, the troopís leader, and make Zoe, her MIA mother, the new troop leader?

Whew. Now I can continue. Iíve eagerly read the first two books in the Zodiac series and constantly wondered how all the loose threads could ever be possibly tied up. They arenít. Not in this novel anyway. The Tulpa is still bent on killing or converting Joanna. Joannaís bastard daughter from a previous rape is still unaware of her heritage. No one knows where Zoe, Joannaís mother, is. The troop is still missing some star signs. Look out if Ms. Pettersson dies before finishing this series. Iím not sure anyone can successfully pick up where she left off.

Iím not sure Ms. Petterssonís novels can be considered romances. While they do contain some romance and sex, they are more an angst-ridden ride in the head of a woman trying to find her place in a world she no longer recognizes. If you read the first two novels of the series, the third installment will not disappoint. If you havenít, youíll still be able to pick it up, though you might not have as much emotion invested in Joannaís struggles. For a satisfying, fast-paced and at times, heart-rending read that will leave you biting your nails and wishing Ms. Pettersson wrote faster, you canít go wrong with The Touch of Twilight.


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