The Sixth Cursed Halloween by Mechele Armstrong

Series: Six Curses

Loose Id

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59632-792-4

Reviewed by Chris



Bradís dated a number of unsavory women whom he dumps when they press him for a ring or marriage. Why continue the charade? Because he likes sex, that's why. When his bonsai tree starts talking back to him one Halloween night after a particular vicious break-up, he realizes he maybe the one with the problem.

Deidre is a man-hating, angry soul whoís been trapped in Bradís bonsai tree for sixteen years. Until the tree dies, she cannot escape, and even then, only to the next seed, the next tree, and so on and so forth. Itís her punishment for trying to kill off her competition centuries ago. Unfortunately, Brad takes excellent care of her tree. Since she's been cursed, sheís never been able to speak with anyone, but for the first time and for the next five years, she and Brad converse, only for twenty-four hours, on Halloween.

Brad isnít idle during those six years. He searches the Internet for a way to break Deidreís spell, talking to shamans and witches, and those versed in the occult. Every year, he fails, until this Halloween, when a vengeful ex-girlfriend decides to hurt the one thing Brad holds dear - Deidreís tree.

The Sixth Cursed Halloween reminds me a lot of Shakespeareís A Taming of the Shrew. This is a well-characterized, thoroughly developed tale that wonít disappoint its reader. Sharp-tongued Deidre isn't the most sympathetic character, and Brad walks a fine line between being metrosexually gay and brutish, but hey, opposites attract and judging by Bradís wet dreams and the coupleís eventual sexual escapades, it works for this pair. Iím just glad my houseplants canít talk -theyíd curse me. Perfect for a snowy afternoon, this slow-paced novella builds to a happily-ever-after climax. Enjoy!


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