The Seduction Code by Trixie Stilletto

Amber Heat

Contemporary Erotica

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-161-6

Reviewed by Vicki



Cathy has been down on her luck since her ex-boyfriend ran off with all of her money. When she saw an ad in the paper for a job that paid a lot of money for little work she jumped on it. When Raul walks though the door, Cathy wonders if he likes BBW with a thing for cute boots. 

The Seduction Code was a bit off as far as kinky goes, but I did enjoy the comic aspects of it. This was written in the first person so there tended to be a lot of narration.  I had a hard time seeing Raul as a sex symbol when he walked in wearing black and white zebra print shorts; they went out of fashion forever ago. 

The Seduction Code really is a cute story, if you can get past its quirks.


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