The Salt Maiden by Colleen Thompson


Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-0-8439-6017-4

Reviewed by Willow



Dana Vanover has come to Devilís Claw, Texas to look for her sister. Itís important to find her or a little girl will lose her life. She does not only find her sister, she finds a mystery surrounding the salt domes of the region and the people of Devilís Claw. And now, it seems someone wants her dead.

Sheriff Jay Eversole has come home to Devilís Claw to hide, mostly from himself. He has come home fighting demons that no one else can see or hear. His time in Iraq was not kind to him. He knows that if his problems get out, the fine people of his hometown wonít want him as their sheriff.

Then a body is found in the salt caves and both their lives are cast into the spotlight. There is a mystery surrounding the body and she is soon dubbed The Salt Maiden. Why is she there and who killed her? Itís up to Jay and Dana to find out. The hard part will be keeping their hands off each other, while they follow the clues given to them, in order to keep anyone else from being killed.

The Salt Maidenis set up to keep you guessing. I love a puzzle paired with a hot romance. Dana and Jay need each other, only they donít know that. They both have emotional wounds that need healing. Watching them come to terms with their ghosts and admit they have fallen in love is all part of the intensity heaped into Ms Thompsonís work. I really enjoyed the whole thing but the ending was my favorite part. I loved it.


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