The Rogue Hunter by Lynsay Sands

An Argeneau Novel, Book 10


Erotic Vampire/Paranormal

ISBN: (13) 978-0-061-47429-3; (10) 0-0614-7429-0

Reviewed by Sabella



Garrett Mortimer just knows that this assignment with his partner, Justin Bricker, is going to be a chore.  They are headed to cottage country, north of Toronto, where the nearest living thing is probably an animal – not a human.  How they are supposed to search for this rogue when they have a hard time just finding people?  And when they get to their supposed cottage, they find that there is no power and therefore no blood supply and their neighbors seem to be a group of noisy sisters that enjoy drinking.  Given all of this, Mortimer just knows that this assignment is going to be a chore from start to finish.  But the last thing Mortimer expects is to find his life-mate, especially one that is the complete physical opposite of the life-mate he has always imagined.

Samantha Willan is finally taking a vacation, but only because her sisters have hounded her and threatened bodily harm if she backs out.  But when Sam gets to the cottage it proves to be just what the doctor ordered – lots of relaxation and no work induced stress.  But when Sam meets their hunky neighbors she is thrilled, even as it brings up all her insecurities.  However, Mortimer just brings out passion Sam never knew she was capable of feeling, but something this good has to have a catch, right?

But will Sam be able to accept the truth of what Mortimer is?  And will Mortimer be able to move past his fantasy life-mate and accept Sam who is the polar opposite?

The Rogue Hunter tells the story of Mortimer, one of the council’s enforcers and rogue hunters.  As is expected of every Lynsay Sands this book is full of humor and physical mishaps that will entertain you while putting Mortimer and Sam through the wringer before they get their HEA.  Mortimer is a dour man, who is pretty bored with life after eight hundred plus years but he keeps busy with his job and doesn’t think about that.  But when Mortimer meets Sam his world is turned upside down – all in ways that he resents until he gives into the pull of finding a life-mate.  Sam is your typical workaholic and overachiever, which leaves her with no personal life outside of her professional achievements.  As the story unfolds, Mortimer and Sam are revealed to be full of contradictions, but perfect for one another – if they give each other a chance and can overcome all the roadblocks mother-nature places in their path.  In this book a door is opened into the larger world of immortals and how the “normal” half lives.  The Rogue Hunter is a fun and funny book that is the equivalent of a great summer chick-flick – entertaining, goofy and of course, full of romance!  Get yourself The Rogue Hunter when you are in the mood to laugh out loud and enjoy a light-hearted romance.


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