The Protector’s Destiny by Bonnie Rose Leigh

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ISBN: 978-1-55487-113-1

Reviewed by Lisa



The Loup-garou have been decimated almost to the point of extinction over time by the vampires.  As a small child Elizabeth Winters survived the blood bath slaughter of her immediate family.  These days Elizabeth does her best to keep a low profile knowing that one vampire in particular is stalking her.

Samuel Woods bears the burdens of an alpha leader trying to bring his people together, reaching out to the Loup-garou scattered far and wide.  Adding to his load is the lack of a mate,that certain someone meant for him and no other.

Elizabeth has made a conscious decision to remain alone and never take a mate but when Sam turns up all bets are off.  The more ‘Beth’ pushes Sam away the closer he cozies up to her.  When danger and certain death loom, it’s a sure bet that Beth will come to her senses, hopefully.

The Protector’s Destiny is a smart, sure romp through the woods with charming characters and chilling villains.  Author Bonnie Rose Leigh explores the romance of two werewolves from early history, first meeting to facing ultimate danger in a solid, sometimes sweet manner.  Readers who like a lengthy courtship without explicit, continual sex scenes will certainly enjoy The Protector’s Destiny.


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