The Price of Love by Beverly Clark
Genesis Press
African American Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1885478610
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Four years ago, Brenda Davis performed the ultimate sacrifice Ė she had to give up her newborn child.  She blamed her parents, her no-good ex-boyfriend/childís father and most of all, the slick lawyer who successfully tricked her into putting her son up for adoption.  Brenda never really recovered from her painful ordeal and she vowed to never put her trust in any man, let alone an attorney ever again.  That was until she met Gil Jackson.  He was everything that she despised.  He was very domineering, relentless to the core and worst of all, he was a lawyer!  Yet, Gil still managed to worm his way under her skin and into her heart with his charming, unforgettable personality.  Then, Brenda discovered that Gil had a son who was the same age as her long lost son would be.

Although, he knew his aunt only had his best interest at heart, especially since he had lost his wife to death; however, Gil Jackson was growing a little tired of his aunt playing matchmaker.  Yet, Gil couldnít find it in within himself to make too much of a fuss toward his beloved auntís harmless schemes.  Then, his aunt introduced him to Brenda Davis.  From that moment forth, Gil was determined to have Brenda in his life.  But, things didnít run as smoothly as Gil had planned because Brenda threw up a roadblock at every turn.  Not to be deterred, Gil resorted to whatever was necessary in order to win Brendaís heart.  And, win her heart he did until a chilling secret from the past posed a threat to break up the coupleís newly found romance.  Will their love and trust stand the test of time or was all hope lost?

The Price of Love was a heartfelt, gripping story written by Beverly Clark.  I sincerely felt sorry for Brenda and I understood her abhorrence towards men and lawyers in particular.  If I had experienced her dramatic trauma, I canít honestly say that I would have reacted any differently.  However, I applaud Gil for his patience and tolerance towards Brendaís negative attitude, even when he didnít know all the details behind it.  Somehow, he was able to see what truly lied underneath and he was determined to draw it out to the forefront.  I was immediately drawn to Gilís charm and thought he was the perfect person to unleash Brendaís passion.  The chemistry ignited instantly between couple.  And, although, Brenda tried to fight it, the desire to be held and loved by Gil could not be denied.  With emotional, dynamic characters and a surprising, spectacular plot, The Price of Love is a story that should not be missed.


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