The Mark of the Vampire Queen by Joey W. Hill

Vampire Queen, Book Two

Berkley Heat

Paranormal Erotic

ISBN: 978-0-425-21932-4

Reviewed by Chris



Sex. Sex. Sex. Got your attention? This book caught mine.

Jacob Green, a former vampire hunter, has taken the third mark from his vampire queen, thus turning him into Lady Lyssa’s human servant. Naturally, his brother Gideon, who is still a vampire hunter, is less than pleased with that development. But both Jacob and Lyssa’s former servant, Brother Thomas, believe Jacob’s human life has crossed paths with Lyssa’s for centuries, once as her samurai protector and again, as a knight during the Crusades. Both times he was killed. He’s convinced he will remain at her side this time. Who knows? Maybe the third time’s the charm.

Unfortunately, Lady Lyssa, the oldest known living vampire and the last of the Far East Clan, has contracted a virus for which there is a no cure, only a definitive and gruesome death. Binding herself to Jacob has granted her enough of a reprieve to settle her affairs. But when she dies, so will her human servant. Lord Brian and his human servant, Debra, are hard at work developing a cure. Until then, Lyssa must rely on Jacob to care for her. For a Dominant vampire, this is a huge leap of trust.

With the Vampire Council convening, Lyssa and Jacob must work hard to hide her illness. If it becomes known the Council’s enforcer is dying, the Council’s civilized veneer might slip. The younger vampires led by Lord Carnal, chafe at the Council’s restraints, convinced they should be the dominant species on Earth. Child sex slaves and unlimited killing are just two of the things they’re campaigning for.

Add a pack of skilled and determined vampire hunters to the mix and everyone, human and vampire, is in danger.

Despite not having read the first book of the series, The Vampire Queen’s Servant, I felt neither lost nor bombarded with back-story. I absolutely loved that! That said, when vampires are involved in the plot I’m a bit more accustomed to fast-paced, action-oriented stories. The Mark of the Vampire Queen moves at a leisurely stroll, highlighting its numerous kinks and emotional scenes and skimming the killings (a plus to some, no doubt). Arrogant, imperious, and cruel, these are not the warm fuzzy vampires seen in a number of other authors’ series. Sex scenes in this story clearly reflect the strong Dominant/submissive lifestyle so be prepared for branding, torture, nonconsensual sex, anal sex, threesomes, foursomes, and more. Thankfully Joey Hill has a subtle sense of humor and a strong grasp of dialogue that lightens the book’s tone when necessary. Packed with inventive sex, strong emotion, and likeable characters despite their predatorial nature, The Mark of the Vampire Queen stands out among its peers.


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