The Letter by Emma Wildes

Reformed Rakes, Book 1

Siren Publishing

Historical / Regency

ISBN: 1-933563-79-6

Reviewed by Cassie



Jared Warren, Duke of Tellbourne, is tired of the antics of his wife.  If she won’t listen to him, he’s determined to show her the error of her ways.  After he drags her away from a scandalous play, he comes up with a form of punishment they both enjoy. 

Patricia is annoyed by her husband’s autocratic decisions, but she can’t find fault with his particular brand of punishment.  To her surprise, she enjoys their newly passionate lovemaking much more than the bloodless couplings they shared before.  Can Patricia stay out of trouble and in her husband’s good graces?

The Letter is a hotter than usual but otherwise fairly standard Regency tale.  There’s the stubborn, headstrong wife, Patricia, and the bossy husband who’s concerned with propriety, Jared.  There are also other stock characters, such as a jealous former flame of Jared’s.  All of these elements come together to form a story that, while predictable in some ways, is entertaining.   The Letter has a bit of something for everyone, from ballroom intrigue, to action, to hot sex scenes.  If you like Regencies with more spice than usual, you’ll probably enjoy The Letter. 


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