The Learning Curve by Christy Gissendaner

Aspen Mountain Press


ISBN: 978-1-60168-091-4

Reviewed By Tori



Mercedes Kelley has decided she will be a wonderful romance author.  The only problem she can think of is that she is a twenty-five-year old virgin.  After being stuck on chapter two of her book for over a month, Sadie comes up with a fail-safe plan.  She will go to a local bar and pick up a guy to help rid herself of her virginity.  Sadie does not plan on her best friendís little brother offering to help her, or that she would find the idea so appealing. 

Jason Bradshaw owns the Electronics Company that Sadie works for, and is rumored to be the loving them and leaving them type.  When he finds Sadie drunk at the bar and hears of her plan, Jason volunteers to help but quickly finds himself unable to accept a one-night stand. He wants so much more from her.  What will it take to get the girl Jason has been in love with for years?

The Learning Curve by Christy Gissendaner was very funny.  From Sadie buying six boxes of condoms at the start, to her mom finding them later.  I loved the character interactions, they felt real, and the plot was fun. I found myself giggling throughout the whole book.  The romantic moments are sweet and stand-alone but my favorite parts of this book were the well-written comedy.


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