The Last Pearl by Maxie Cooper

Elloraís Cave

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419915918

Reviewed by Elysia



Pearl is a teacher. She teaches men how to be the best possible lovers they can be. She takes no money for imparting her knowledge to the men that have been in her life, only one flawless pearl. But this time, her skills may not be up to her new studentís abilities.

Rafe has wanted Pearl since the first moment he saw her. But not just for sex, he has loved her since the very beginning. He can only hope that this time, the teacher is ready to learn.

The Last Pearl by Maxie Cooper is a book that every man should read. I was drawn in by Pearlís instructions to Rafe and believe many men can benefit from someone like her. I had trouble, however, believing Rafeís reasoning and explanations for why he had made the choices he had made, especially through the age span he had done so. I did like the ending, and the way Rafe convinced Pearl to take a chance on him, making me believe that perhaps they really did have a chance.


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