The Lady Prince Toni L. Meilleur

Siren Publishing

Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 1-60601-053-0

Reviewed by Tanya



Lyra refuses to become a possession like the rest of the women of her society, so after she sees her sister abused, she has her brother teach her how to defend herself.  Knowing that if she seeks independence, which in her realm the only way is to become a Lady Prince, then her own family will disinherit her, she does it anyway.  Now she has the same rankings and privileges as men but some still have a hard time accepting this.  She uses her freedom to help other women who donít want this lifestyle to escape.

Daene seeks to help the Lady Prince so that he might be able to get her in his debt.  He needs a woman to help him infiltrate the marriage mart to accomplish the final act of justice he needs.  They knew each other as children but they had never expected to have the attraction to each other that they are confronted with now experiencing.

Now Daene is wondering if he can keep his secret from Lyra, but when he helps her escape after a betrayal, things might put them on level playing ground.  Can they work out their differences and have an equal partnership or will Lyra have to stay the Lady Prince?

The Lady Prince was an interesting look into a historical fantasy world.  I loved Ms. Meilleur's premise of the The Lady Prince and what they had to do to be equal, or at least as a whole person.  She also did a wonderful job in creating sexy leading man.  If you like dreaming about other fantasy worlds, wrong versus right and a little bit of dragon thrown in, then you need to check out The Lady Prince.


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