The Invisible Rose by A.J. Cove

Cobblestone Press


ISBN: 978-1-60088-074-2

Reviewed by Tori



Doshi is the younger sister of the beautiful “Wild Rose.”  Doshi is clumsy and plain compared to Gabriella.  Resigned to being an old maid, Doshi does not even dream that she will find her mate, even after she bumps into her ideal man, unfortunately he is betrothed to her sister.

When Doshi gets the gift of invisibility, she decides to have an affair with Prince Tarin, but he only knows her as “Rose” because of the smell of her perfume.    Doshi has it all planned out.  The only problem is that she never counted on falling in love with her sister’s fiancé.

The Invisible Rose is an interesting concept.  Doshi is so unsure of herself that she cannot even be in the same room as a man without spilling a pot of tea on him.  I thought Gabriella was a bit over the top at times but I think that was the point.  I did think it was a bit of a stretch for Doshi to know that Prince Tarin was the man of her dreams because of his looks; even good looking men can be jerks.  Luckily for her, he was one of the few good ones left.  I really enjoyed the ending of The Invisible Rose, it was really cute.  It is a worthy read.


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