The Handyman by Jodi Payne

Arcana Series: The Page of Cups

Torquere Press

M/M, Contemporary

ISBN:  978-1-60370-425-0, 1-60370-425-6

Reviewed by Raine



With a couple of stoners for neighbors poor Danny awakens to no power and a flooded utility room. Danny hires an electrician to come in and make the repairs. While there, the electrician makes a recommendation on a contractor to come in to repair the drywall. In doing so, Danny meets Ken and something comes alive in him that he has not felt in months. When his interest is returned and things move quickly both wonder if they can trust what they feel since they have both been burned in the past.

The Handyman:The Page of Cupsis a quick paced story that any M/M reader would love. The guys are hot, the emotions seem real and the men look to have a great start to happily ever after.


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