The Fallen by Gwen Hayes

Serendipity Falls

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-60504-196-3

Reviewed by Shayna



What most residents of Serendipity Falls donít know is that their town is a hotbed of paranormal activity.  Bridget is a witch working for the Agency, an organization which sends Bridget and her team to Serendipity Falls to keep the balance against the darker demonic forces that come through the enchanted portal at the waterfalls, making sure that the townspeople remain oblivious.  As chaos begins to seep in from the portal, Bridget finds herself continuously distracted by Talon, the one man she can never have.

Talon is an angel fallen from grace and well-versed in dark magic.  Once Bridgetís guardian, he canít resist the temptation that is his former charge.  Even being on opposite sides of the war isnít enough to quell Talon and Bridgetís desire for one another, nor is it enough to stop the growing love between the two.  But when an ancient prophesy comes to light, Talon and Bridget will have to join forces for a battle that will either tie them together or tear them apart for eternity.

Perhaps itís not the most eloquent turn of phrase, but when it comes to The Fallen, I can only say that I absolutely loved this book.  Gwen Hayes has created an interesting world I cannot help but be drawn to, with characters I fell in love with and wanted to continue to read about.  Bridget is a delightful heroine.  Sheís smart, strong, and has hints of vulnerability when it comes to Talon, which serves to make her more real to me.  Talon, in turn, is my favorite kind of hero.  Heís dark, sexy, protective, and slightly unpredictable, but always sure in his love for Bridget.  Both separately and together, Talon and Bridget were appealing to read about. I found myself unable to put their story down, eager to solve the mystery of the prophesy and even more keen to see Talon and Bridget find happiness together.  The Fallen is a winning combination of adventure and romance from beginning to end; I can definitely say I fell for this tale.


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