The Edge of Nothingness by Shayne Carmichael

Phaze Books

Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 978-1-59426-661-4

Reviewed by Lisa



Traumatized by a horror that no one, especially a child should have to witness, Zachary Bern watched as vampires sucked his mother dry and stole his young sister Kat away.  The rest of the villagers suffered just as badly and Zack was never able to find his father or brother in the aftermath of the massacre.

Now a young man, Zach helps tend the farm owned by his foster parents and steers clear of vampire territory even though he harbors a deep seated hatred for them all.  But, when one idiot incites some of the men to attack territory ruled by Dominion Night, Zach must follow to protect his foster brother Kurt from harm.

Mysteries and surprises are about to be thrown at Zach.  Can he accept all the answers he finds and move forward whether he wants to or not?  A vampire from the past whose face has haunted Zachís dreams for years is part of his future.  Now itís time to decide what kind of future he wants and with whom.

The Edge of Nothingness is an imaginative, steamy adventure sure to gain many, many fans.  Entertaining and distinctive, The Edge of Nothingness sets a diverse world with appealing characters, hot sex and so much more.  Author Shayne Carmichael has another sure fire winner with tortured Zach and the suave Night in The Edge of Nothingness.


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