The Drakhom Taboo by Celia Jade

Fantasy Games Series

eXtasy Books

Contemporary Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Kate Randall has been hearing kinky stories about Drakhom, the offspring of humans and vampires.  Darkly beautiful and wildly erotic, they combine the best of both worlds without craving blood. They are also rumored to be the ultimate lovers. 

Kate is intimidated, vowing to steer clear. It’s not meant to be. Her new client, Tanton Manning, fits the Drakhom profile. She’s not sure if he’s the real deal. Besides, it’s inappropriate to take personal interest in a client.  

Tanton’s attracted to Kate. Time is short. Once the project is completed, he will no longer be a client. Will Kate give in?

What prompted me to read this story was the Drakhom thread. Kate was a pleasant way to find out more about them. She’s the “good girl” that’s led a bump free life. Tanton smoothly introduces change and lots more.

I liked this modern romance.  The Drakhom Taboo is a well-blended mixture of eroticism and sweetness that’s part of eXtasy Books’ new Fantasy Games series. I hope to see and hear more about Drakhom from this author.


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