The Dragon Prince by Sierra Dafoe

Dragonís Heir, Book 5

Changeling Press

ISBN: 978-1-59596-773-2

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Kevan knows that he is not the norm.  Never really attracted to women, he knows that as his motherís heir he is supposed to find a life-mate.  And he does.  It just isnít the right sex or the right species! Kevan has fallen in love with Cal, a human dancer he meets while hiding from his marriage minded dragon mama, Melgara, on Earth.  Kevan knows that his mother will not be happy with his choice and while he is coming into his sexual prime, one thing is for certain, Cal is who Kevan wants. Nothing nor no one is going to stop Kevan from having Cal. 

Smoldering. That is one word to describe this insanely arousing novel by Sierra Dafoe.  The Dragon Prince was hot enough to scorch my computer; lucky for me I had a fan!  Kevan and Cal make a most wondrous couple and I sat wide eyed but entranced reading how about Kevanís sexual education at the hands of naughty Cal.  I canít blame Kevan Ė Cal is worth giving a kingdom up for!


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