The Dragon of Ankoll Keep by K.S. Augustin



ISBN: 1-59998-609-4

Reviewed by Amelia



Gamsin is a former acrobat and thief. Upon hearing about a great treasure at Ankoll Castle she goes in search of riches, and finds pain after she is attacked on her journey. She continues on, trudging up the hill to the castle, her strength waning. When snow appears she can go no further, and collapses.

Ankoll, the man, is under a powerful spell. He spends half the month as a man, and the other half as a dragon. He knows Gamsin can help him break the enchantment, and she agrees, despite her mistrust of men.

When the two find out they have to consult the sorcerer who placed Ankoll under the spell they set off to find him, and find danger can result from the misuse of power.

The Dragon of Ankoll Keep is an easy read that kept my attention. I loved Gamsin, and the way she refused to be beaten, even after she was raped. Her spirit made her character come alive for me. Ankoll is a sexy, giving man who learned a great deal from his existence as a dragon. Watching him help Gamsin grow and learn was a treat. Watching him become a dragon to protect the woman he loves was amazing, and pulled at my heartstrings.

Lovers of fantasy will enjoy The Dragon of Ankoll Keep.


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