The Devil Made Me Do It by Alysha Ellis

Total-E-Bound Publishing

Paranormal Fantasy

ISBN:  978-1-906811-09-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Jess is tired and stuck in a boring life without prospects.  The only pleasure she gets is from indulging her fantasies with erotica and Internet porn.  So when a self-righteous prig tries to rain on her parade, she makes a proclamation that attracts immediate notice from below, far below, as in Hell.  When the Devil decides to take her up on her spontaneous suggestion, it’s an offer she can’t refuse.   She’s coming and going (literally!) before she can rethink her position, which of course, she doesn’t want to.   

As for the Devil, he has his own agenda and plans for Jess.

Kitschy raciness with all the best clichés about the Devil from start to finish.  I was amused and entertained for the entire romp.   Alysha Ellis lets her imagination go wild by satirizing people, places, and things from literature to politics.   There’s no slowing down on the sex, the humor and whatever this author can slip into the plot to keep you snickering.   Don’t be put off by the title; there’s more to The Devil Made Me Do It than a worn out line.  For originality, lightness and laughs, I strongly suggest reading this diabolically rambunctious tale. 


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