The Demon King and I by Candace Havens

The Guardian Keys, Book 1



ISBN: 978-0425223635

Reviewed by Jo



When you are a high-powered attorney who also has several art galleries, not to mention a known party girl, you would think that would be enough to keep you busy.  But for Gillian Caruthers these are only her secondary jobs, her first one is that of a Guardian Key along with her sisters.  Since only a very few people can ever know this, they keep it quiet and use the other aspects of her life to make sure people focus on the outrageous rather than the overwhelming.

Arath is the new Demon King and unlike any demon Gillian has ever met.  He actually looks normal, well unless you totally get him mad and then you can really tell his background.  Arath has little love for anyone from Earth and that includes the demon world’s guardian.  Arath has an even closer connection to Gillian, one they both will come to find out later.

Gillian and Arath are attracted to each other but when your job is seen as a demon assassin, what are the chances?  When they meet, the universe is about to go crazy.  Gillian and Arath have no time to get to know each other in any form before they are going to need to work together.  But when you don’t have time to develop trust or even a friendship that makes it very difficult to know what to believe, for both of them.  Somehow creatures from every world are getting on to Earth and causing trouble.  Gillian and Arath have to find the trust, friendship and maybe even love in order to help defeat the darkness surrounding them.

The Demon King and I is the first book in a new world of characters from Ms. Havens.  Gillian is the oldest of the Caruthers sister, who are all also Guardian Keys.  Arath has taken over the kingship of the demon world and therefore requests his key’s appearance.  I found it funny that both Gillian and Arath were expecting to dislike each other just on job description alone. Even funnier was the fact that the sparks I found from them were not the “dislike” type but rather the “want you” type.  I also enjoyed the complexities to be found in the other world that Gillian inhabitants.  I found myself putting off doing other things so I could keep reading.  The Demon King and I has rich characters and a complexity while having the humor that I expect from Ms. Havens.  This will be going on my keeper shelf and I am impatiently waiting for the next sister’s story.


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