The Dance by Jami Davenport

Siren Publishing


ISBN: 1-60601-087-5

Reviewed by Zayn



Mariah Baker works as an interior designer on Orcas Island.  She lives on an old horse farm left to her by a deceased aunt.  Work has slowed to a crawl and the upkeep of the farm is draining her pocket.  Mariah's financial problems are not helped by her addiction to designer clothes. Convinced by an ex-fiancé that she is frigid, Mariah's love life is non-existent, until she gets a handsome neighbor for the summer.

Rico Sanchez is a washed up singer-songwriter, after a horrible scandal sent his singing career down the toilet.  Rico is part of a huge family who depend on him for everything.  He heads to Orcas Island to get away from it all.  Mariah is just the kind of recreation he had in mind but will he be able to walk away at the end of summer?

The Dance started off very slow for me but when it picked up, it kept going.  Rico and Mariah's relationship had plenty ups and downs and a surplus of emotion.  I loved Rico and I was rooting for him all the way but I found Mariah to be childish, for the most part.  The Dance will pull you in all directions but you will be happy in the end.


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