The Consolation Prize by Barbara Elsborg

Loose Id

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59632-749-8

Reviewed by Lisa



What she calls her ‘six and a half’ sense saved Chloe Lord’s life as a child but the rest of her family died that night at Washburn Hall from a faulty boiler.

As a member of a rare and special vampire clan, Luka Varek purposely keeps a low profile.  Luka owns and runs Rebellion, a successful gay bar where he pretends to have a gay lover figuring it would hurt business if anyone figures out he is straight.

Winning a second place prize lands Chloe back at her childhood home which is now a spa where something strange is going on.  Chloe wanders the secret passages behind the walls and discovers an unconscious nude man chained to a wall in the basement.  Chloe’s special senses won’t let her contact the authorities but they do want her to save the injured hunk.  What kind of nightmare has she walked into and who is this guy?

The Consolation Prize is one heck of a second place win with a gorgeous guy, a mystery to solve and a very hot romance to top it all off.  This delicious paranormal page turner has quite the cast of characters both good and bad.  Luka is all alpha but I thought that Chloe was too forgiving of his atrocious behavior to her towards the end of the story.  But, The Consolation Prize is definitely fun, sexy and sure to entertain readers everywhere.


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