The Bride Price by Anne Mallory

Avon Books


ISBN: 978-0-06-133689-8

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Anne Mallory's THE BRIDE PRICE reminds me of what I love about historical romances.

Sebastien Deville has always been on the fringes of acceptable society.  As an illegitimate son of a duke, Sebastien has lived his life mostly to torment his father and half-brother.  And the perfect opportunity arises - the King has endorsed a competition for third sons and bastards to win a viscountcy, land and a well-born woman as a bride.

Caroline Martin is a woman haunted by past mistakes.  When she finds out about the competition and that her companion, Lady Sarah, is to be the bride, Caroline is shocked and horrified.  She decides the only way to get through some ignoble competition is to sabotage it so that the best possible candidate wins.  But who could that be in such a motley lot?

When Caroline and Sebastien meet, the sparks fly.  But how can a notorious rake and a buttoned-down widower ever be together?  Especially if he wins the competition and marries Lady Sarah?

I loved the unusual premise.  I tend to like books with impossible situations, where the suspense is not so much “Will they get together?” but, “HOW will they get together in such an impossible situation?”  There are a few parts that are a bit awkward (limbs bending in impossible ways, trees turning into stone benches and back in the scene, etc.) and the ending is a bit rushed, but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed THE BRIDE PRICE.


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