The Bride of Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta

Casa Dracula, Book 3

Pocket Books


ISBN 10: 1416559639

ISBN 13: 978-1416559634

Reviewed by Jo



Milagro should love life right now, being engaged to Oswald Grant, the man of her dreams.  But several things are just not working for her right now, from her career to Oswald’s suddenly disapproving family, to even losing her beloved dog.  It doesn’t help that Oswald’s cousin, Ian, is around and Oswald is not hiding the green that seems to overcome him when Milagro and Ian come into any type of contact.

Things are disappearing, moving on their own or being ruined and Milagro just can’t figure out who is behind it.  If that wasn’t enough for her to worry about, Oswald has been acting very odd lately and it seems he’s coming up with reasons not to be with her.  Worse of all, when Milagro does try to talk with Oswald, he doesn’t seem to believe her and now the council has sent the absolute last person she wants around to help her with the vampire portions of the wedding.   Milagro just needs to work with a wedding planner, the council helper, the conditions of the council and of course the Oswald’s family.  Not a problem, right? 

The Bride of Casa Dracula has Milagro trying to put together her wedding, but as per usual nothing is easy.  Milagro was her normal scampy, funny self and full of energy in trying to get her and Oswald’s wedding together.  But several things are suddenly not going to plan –from Oswald himself clear to the councilman.  I loved Milagro’s adventures and I was drawn into The Bride of Casa Dracula pretty quickly.  I was happy and enjoying my time reading about Milagro, Oswald and the entire gang until the end when I was very disillusioned in not only how the story ended but in just about all the characters.  I have to admit that Ms. Acosta broke my romance loving heart in the way the Casa Dracula series ended.  I did look to see if maybe another book was planned, but did not appear so.


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