The Boys Back Home by Sierra Dafoe

Samhain Publishing

Menage Trois M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 1-60504-181-5

Reviewed by Ley



Leaving was difficult for Cassie Jordan, but coming home was even harder.  Cassie was barely a woman when she left Idaho after her mother died. Leaving behind Kyle Watson and Alan Caine, the two men she loved more then anything.  Ashamed by her feelings for wanting two men and unable to choose between them, she was even more distraught when she accidently saw them making love and it became clear that neither one of them wanted her. 

Cassie couldnít have been more wrong, Kyle and Alan wanted her more than anything and their world was broken when she left and now itís totally turned upside down now that sheís back.  Can these three people face up to their feelings and hold on to the world that slipped away from them three years ago?

The Boys Back Home was sweet and loving. I liked what the author wanted to do with the story but I couldnít help feeling let down with the progression of the story.  Cassie, Kyle and Alan are fantastic characters but I felt the story didnít live up the characters potential.  I felt The Boys Back Home moved way to fast from the time Cassie came home and reacquainted herself with Kyle and Alan.  Assumptions were made and three years of uncertainly was dissolved away in less than a day.  I did like The Boys Back Home but I would have like to see more of their life together, however the short epilogue was fantastic.


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