The Bond That Consumes Us

by Christine d'Abo

Eternal Bonds 3

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419918414

Reviewed by Tanya



Taber has kept a secret from all of his companions, even his closest friends, for years.  He doesnít want anyone to know he had a mate but she has passed on.  This is a hard thing for a Briel to face as they only have one mate for life, or so they are told.  They do not engage in meaningless relationships so what is happening to him when he meets the human Fallon?  When sent to investigate a murder on a pleasure ship orbiting the planet Eurus, he is instantly drawn to her.

Fallon canít believe that she is instantly drawn to the tall brooding alien, especially when he doesnít seem to want to act on the flirting that she is doing with him.  Though, he does seem to be as aware of her as she is of him.  Things finally turn her way and she spends a night of amazing passion in his bed.  She knows she is falling in love with him but what will happen when the investigation is over?  Especially when she knows she is now in danger of being killed also?  Will Taber be able to save her and his heart?

The Bond that Consumes Us is a wonderful follow up to the first two in the series and I have long awaited to have Taber get his own story, I can only hope Seanís is in the works.  Ms DíAbo has come up with a fantastic working group of people in a futuristic setting that is believable.  I enjoy how Ms. DíAbo writes characters that are believable and she definitely has a way with writing super sexy and erotic scenes.  The murder mystery that is intertwined along with the internal struggles Taber and Fallon face makes this book a winner.  I enjoyed The Bound that Consumes Us so much that I had to read it in one setting, no matter that it was long past my bedtime.


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