Pentacles of Magick: The Bonding

by Eliza Gayle


Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59426-867-0

Reviewed by Chris



The Bonding is the first story in Eliza Gale’s The Pentacles of Magick. Four brothers hail from a long line of powerful witches. Not only do they possess potent white magic, with each being able to control an element, but they can also unleash destructive and uncontrollable dark magic. Each time they use their dark magic, they lose a little bit of their control. If the curse is allowed to run its course, they will all be damned, just as all their ancestors have been.

Rena Gallagher, a researcher from Museum of Art History in San Diego, believes she’s found a way to break the curse. What she doesn’t know is that the tarot cards she’s been studying were stolen from Graelen Scott’s collection. Her mysterious benefactor has more than one reason for wanting her to research the unique cards.

Graelen Scott has been repeatedly warned that a woman will lead to his ruin. He believes Rena is that woman, except that every time he touches her, he feels his magic build rather than diminish. With water as his element, you can imagine what kinky things he can contrive to do with it...and Rena. When he discovers her empathic skills can temper his dark side, he wonders if she might have really uncovered a way to beat the curse. Hopefully, he can convince his twin brother Cash, before Cash kills her.

The Bonding is lighter on the amount of sex than the second installment of the story, The Burning, though I found the heroine’s jump into bed with Graelen to be jarring. She’s never met the man, but by page fourteen, she’s in bed with him? I can suspend a lot of disbelief, but this taxed my abilities. Graelen has some rough edges and, in my book, his “Oh baby, did I hurt you?” doesn’t really temper the abuse. Cash Scott makes a memorable appearance, which adds credence to his later actions in part two.

I like this story line and its premise. Despite the quick sex and her even quicker acceptance of Graelen, I even liked the heroine, but having read the second story prior to this one, I can only say that Ms. Gale’s writing style has considerably improved from part one to part two. I’m eager to see what she does with the other two brothers’ tales.


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