The Blacker the Berry by Lena Matthews

Loose Id

Contemporary, I/R

ISBN: 978-1-59632-735-1

Reviewed by Patrice F.



When Tamara Holifield gets a call from her best friend’s husband, she’s alarmed.  Facing a difficult pregnancy, Charlotte’s bored and blue due to the fact that she’s been placed on bed rest.  Charlotte’s husband, Ty, asks his best friend, Russell Crichton, to drive Tamara out to their ranch for a visit since she doesn’t have a car. 

Russell is a lawyer working hard to fulfill the dream of owning a ranch.  He’s knocked off his feet when this voluptuous and sassy black woman steps into his world.  Russell is stunned by what he feels and how attracted he is to someone so different from the kind of women he’s used to.  Tamara is a city girl and artist.  The last thing she expected was to be attracted to a cowboy.  Just because Charlotte lost her mind and settled down with one doesn’t mean she needs to fall prey to peer pressure.

It’s a race against time, obstacles, and differences before Tamara and Russell fall prey to the inevitable.  This unlikely pair learns that sometimes Love is a sledgehammer, knocking you senseless.   Other times, Love is a steamroller; in The Blacker the Berry, Russell and Tamara get flattened.  

Tamara first meets Russell in the prequel Spurs and Mistletoe 3: For Love’s Sake Only, featuring Charlotte and Ty.  Needless to say, they left quite an impression on one another.   In this story, the gloves are off.  They’re remarkable together, and the telling of it all is so superbly smooth.  The best part is when they officially become a couple.  They have boiling-hot-lava sex, they fight, and they grow until they fit together better than two jigsaw pieces.  Lena Mathews has done her homework, and gets a golden arrow from Cupid.  This spunky, sexy story will have you sighing, laughing, and looking for your lasso so that you can rustle up your very own cowboy.


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