The Biggest Kahuna by Ciar Cullen


Loose Id

ISBN:  978-1-95632-243-1

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Nikkie is trying to heal her wounds, and Maui is the best place to recover from her divorce.  The last thing she needs in her life is an exquisite male specimen named Shark asking her out on a date.  Right?    Wrong!   Sheís only human and unable to resist the sexy surfer who turns out to be more than she ever dreamed.   

What can she do when itís next to impossible to say no?  Thereís a lot at stake; her family, her life, and her heart, and something tells her that this special man, er god, is so worth it.

Shark isnít the type to back down from a challenge. He wants Nikkie.  It doesnít matter that heís a Hawaiian shark god and any woman he wants to commit to must willingly sacrifice herself and appease his volcano goddess sister.   Nikkie is the answer to his emptiness.  He hasnít felt this good in millennium.

As a child, I would sit in our school library and dedicate a lot of time to reading world mythology.  I got sick of Greek and Roman myths, so Hawaiian and Polynesian mythology made my favorites list.  This author knows her stuff and by creating characters centered on themes of family and sacrifice, blended with love and tradition, she couldnít go wrong.  

Readers will appreciate Shark and Nikkieís courtship and the journey they make together. I certainly did.  The Biggest Kahuna is authentic and inspiring on countless levels.  To convey this in any format is truly a gift.


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