The Archer by Abigail Roux


M/M, Suspense

ISBN: 978-0-9815084-8-1

Reviewed by Raine



Six trained agents have been assigned a mission to find and eliminate a mole in their agency. Thiago, Remy and Shawn are all Class One agents, quiet killers. Brandt is the group’s explosives expert and a bit of a pyromaniac. Nikolaus is the computer savvy agent and Carl specializes in ammunitions. These six men are used to working alone. They find it extremely difficult to find common ground with one another or even begin to trust one another. But when things are amiss,  they must work together to keep all alive and the one thing they can agree on is that they’re all on the same side….or are they? When things explode, you are being fired upon, and part of your party had been kidnapped, it is hard to know whom to turn to.

The Archer is a plot intensive story. The main goal is to weed out the agency’s mole and eliminate him, but along the way there are many twists and turns and it becomes tough to keep up at times. It was an excellent plot and Abigail Roux obviously put a lot of thought into it. For me, the conflict built up longer than I expected it to and then I found it to have been wrapped up very quickly at the end. The end is left open so there is no definite “…and they lived happily ever after”. It could be considered a “happy for now” story but in my opinion you are left to wonder if all the male couples you wanted to end up together, do. There was only one M/M encounter that leaned towards an emotional encounter. Most of the M/M sex scenes are time killing or frustration release acts.  If you like a suspenseful storyline that has men who are very rough around the edges and treat the ones they are with as such, then you will like The Archer. If you are more inclined to a M/M story with love and a sweet ending this story probably will not be a fulfilling read for you.


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