The Age of Retribution by Jamie Craig

The Master Chronicles, Book 8

Amber Quill Ė Allure

Paranormal M/M & BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-60272-408-2

Reviewed by Lisa



Jesse Madding is now a Guardian with strength, teleportation and other skills at his fingertips.  But, Jesse is still somewhat new to all of these powers and his mentor, Michelle fears that without her training he will get others killed or himself destroyed.

Powerful and clever in his own right, vampire Gideon Keel has but one goal these days.  Gideonís purpose now is to keep his partner, his lover Jesse alive and by Gideonís side.  There is nothing more important than his loverís happiness and well being.

At a time when Jesse and Gideon are trying to make a life together in their new home along with 15 year old orphan Dominique Chappell a serious threat takes center stage.  Foster, another Guardian has come to town with murder on his mind.  Everyone involved with Gideon and Jesse are also at risk. The group will need to come up with a plan to stop Foster, permanently.

The Age of Retribution is the 8th book in the popular series, The Master Chronicles by multi-talented and prolific author Jamie Craig.  With a heavy cast of Guardians, vampires, humans and other, itís an anything goes and everything wild kind of group to read about.  Itís up to Gideon and Jesse to keep things together as this story showcases their dangerous lives as heroes with a wily villain battling against them.  The storyline is intricate, the cast is large and The Age of Retribution is not the place to start reading this series.  Too much has already gone on for readers to fully grasp the characters motivations, etc.  The Age of Retribution is well written with a multi-layered plot and great characters but, itís not the place to start.  No doubt however, followers of this series are going to be thrilled to read more about Gideon and Jesse and their adventures!


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