Tequila Sunrise by Moira Rogers

Last Call, Book 3

Changeling Press

Paranormal, BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-59596-531-8

Reviewed by Zayn



Kieran loves his girlfriend, Eve, but he knows he is not satisfying all of her needs.  Eve is an alpha wolf and Kiernan is not so it is natural for him to submit to her-taboo in their world.  Kieran doesn't care what society thinks, he just wants Eve to be fulfilled so he convinces her to pay a visit to Last Call.  Kiernan and Eve order Tequila Sunrise: Looking for domination.

Zach is in love with a human female but he can't be with her because he is afraid that he will hurt her in bed.  Kiernan and Eve give him the perfect outlet to release his pent up passions.

Tequila Sunrise continues the Last Call tradition of one sizzling night chock-full of emotion. Kieran wasn't an alpha male by any means but his love for Eve was its own quiet strength and with Zach's help he was able to dominate Eve the way she needed. In helping Kieran and Eve, Zach got the chance his wolf desperately needed to let it all out in the bedroom.  Two words: loved it!


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