Tempted by the Night by Elizabeth Boyle

The Marlowe Series, Book 2



ISBN: 978-0061373220

Reviewed by Shayna



For years, Lady Hermione Marlowe has been in love with the Earl of Rockhurst, a handsome rake with a decadent reputation.  Though he barely knows she exists, Hermione is determined to prove Rockhurst is not all he seems.  Fate must agree, because an enchanted ring falls into Hermione’s hands.  Now invisible from sunset to sunrise, Hermione finally has the power to learn all of her beloved’s secrets…and she may be in for more than she bargained for.

For Rockhurst, his carefully cultivated rakehell reputation serves him well as a cover for what he truly does at night.  His world is turned upside down when a mysterious woman none can see begins to shadow his steps.  Reluctantly entranced, Rockhurst is determined to discover the truth of his mysterious “Shadow.”  Soon both Rockhurst and Hermione are on a more passionate, dangerous adventure than either could imagine, and their lives are not the only ones at stake.

Ever since reading the first book in Elizabeth Boyle’s Marlowe series, His Mistress by Morning, I’ve been waiting for Hermione and Rockhurst’s tale and Tempted by the Night did not disappoint.  I was curious to see what Ms. Boyle would do with a story where the hero could not see the heroine, particularly when it came to the more heated moments of the story.  I am happy to report said scenes in Tempted by the Night were both sexy and unique.  To say much more would be giving away more plot details than I would like.  Suffice it to say that in Tempted by the Night, Ms. Boyle will take readers on an exciting journey filled with unexpected twists and turns that will both delight and entertain.

For those new to the Marlowe series, Ms. Boyle provides enough background that Tempted by the Night can be read on its own.  Having enjoyed His Mistress by Morning, I was excited to revisit the Marlowe family, as well as the mischievous Quince and the oft-aggravated Milton.  Charming and original!


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