Teacher's Pet by Marilyn Lee

Elloraís Cave

Rubenesque Interracial Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419912757

Reviewed by Ley



Before settling down Javen Manning wants to have a wild sexual fling with no strings attached.  Devlin Jordan, the father of one of her students, is more than willing to offer his services.  From the very first date Devlin had Javen behaving in ways that is so unlike her.  A confident voluptuous full figured woman Javen isnít used to giving up control and she definitely isnít used to being sexually out of control.

Devlin is drawn to Javen the moment he set eyes on her, his initial reaction was purely sexual but he soon found himself wanting more.  He wants her to submit to his sexual dominance and explore all her repressed sexual fantasies with only him.

Teacherís Pet had some good moments.  Marilyn Lee can write some pretty steamy sex scenes and Javen and Devlin are hot together.  These two certainly had passion but I would have liked them to get to know each other more outside of the bedroom.  Also Javen is described as a full figured woman and my initial impression was that she was confident and proud of whom she is, but as the story progressed my belief in that lessened and I found it to be a disappointment.  These feelings have nothing to do with being sexual submissive, it has a lot to do with conversations and actions that I felt caused character contradictions. 

My feelings for Devlin are mixed. He came on pretty strong to down right rude in some instances but he never made any pretense or played games about what he wanted from Javen and I respected that.  Of course there were outside elements affecting their relationship, such as Javenís aunt who has issues with her new boyfriend and Keisha the level headed best friend whom Javen is very lucky to have.  Although I wasnít taken with the overall story of Teacherís Pet, it did have some great scenes I have found myself re-reading, and Iím sure fans of Ms. Lee may find more to like about it.


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