Taryn’s Wolf by Marisa Chenery

Beowulf and Roxie, Book 2

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 978-1-59578—474-2

Reviewed by Lisa



Bemoaning the fact that he had yet to find his mate, Wade Thorsson spends another evening working at his brother Beowulf’s bar, Wulf’s Den.

The Pine’s Winery is now solely run by Taryn Davies after the death of her Uncle Colin.  Taryn is trying to get her wine out to new clients and visits Wulf’s Den where she meets the owner, Beowulf and his wife Roxie.

Smelling the most delicious scent imaginable, Wade knows the scent belongs to his mate, who turns out to be Taryn.  She however, wants nothing to do with a dominant male after a past disastrous relationship soured.  Wade has his work cut out for him attempting to convince Taryn that the past is gone and the future belongs to them, together.

Lust, love and honesty bind a willful woman and man in Taryn’s Wolf.  Very sexy yet the unfolding love story is a delightful centerpiece within Taryn’s Wolf.  I absolutely enjoyed Taryn’s Wolf from start to finish with the strong yet vulnerable Taryn and sensitive alpha Wade along with a great cast of secondary characters.  I do wish that the climax had lasted longer or gone into greater detail but otherwise the plot is solid.  Hot sex and happiness, Taryn’s Wolf delivers!


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