Taneka’s Cowboy by Carol McKenzie

loveyoudivine Publishing

Erotica - Western
ISBN: 978-1-60054-136-0

Reviewed by Nellie


A friend’s invitation to a dude ranch came at the most importune time in her life for Taneka Louise Cole. Taneka needed to get away from her abusive ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey, who was now bordering on stalking her and an inquisition about her current relationship from her mother. People close to Taneka seemed to enjoy meddling in her relationships and currently her friend Rachel had plans for her during her vacation that included a certified cowboy.

Denzel Keach was doing a favor for Rachel by picking Taneka from the airport. After seeing Taneka’s picture he was not dragged kicking and screaming to comply but making plans for Ms. tall, dark and beautiful. Denzel was tired of women who wanted him for his money so he portrayed himself as a simple cowboy. As Denzel gets closer to Taneka things start to heat up as Denzel wrestles with a decision to be up front about his moonlighting as a cowboy but there is a bigger threat as Jeffrey finally tracks down Taneka.

I liked Taneka’s Cowboy, the plot was well grounded and substantiated with evidence that culminated to an explosive conclusion. The build up and the roles each character played were intricately knitted together to bring out a good story. Like I said I liked it.


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