Tall, Dark, Tattooed and Twisted by Lee Avalone

Amber Allure

Dark Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-394-8

Reviewed by Lisa



Bounced from the clan because their leader and his new mate want to spend some alone time, Volmere and Sataire find themselves at loose ends, somewhat discontented in their own new home.

Soap star hunk Clay Young and his two buddies, Patrick Shayne and Henry live in the mansion next door and invite themselves over as the unofficial welcome wagon.  Little do they realize they’re welcoming two vampires to the neighborhood. 

Volmere and Sataire meet the neighbors stark naked and taken aback when their nudity doesn’t seem to faze Henry, Patrick or Clay too much.  What kind of humans are they or better yet, what blood type?

Tall, Dark, Tattooed and Twisted aptly describes this very entertaining, carnal tale.  Hold on tight because Tall, Dark, Tattooed and Twisted begins with a hard core BDSM scene that quickly evolves into a character driven, at times witty, tale of finding the one person you never knew you needed.  The characters run the gamut from brooding to humorous and make this tale a worthwhile read.  The surprise attachment between the vampires and the humans offers up a spicy romance and an enjoyable plotline.  Tall, Dark Tattooed and Twisted certainly isn’t for everyone but for those who like something a bit darker, this is worth your time and hopefully we will see more of the characters in the future.


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